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Join the "Carols Pack" Community Facebook Group!

This will be a place where you can ask questions, share your ideas and be encouraged by other Christians from around the world who will also be using these resources in their churches.

How to access the resources:

Most of the files are downloadable and stored in Google Drive folders. Click on the links below to access the relevant folder.

Promotional Material

Use these images to create fliers, posters, postcards or slides to advertise your event.


Share Ideas for Decoration

I will post thoughts and ideas on how to decorate your foyer and stage on the Facebook “Carols Pack Community” Group. This will also be a space where you can share your ideas as well.


10 Minute Countdown Video

Use this countdown video to build excitement for the event and to tell people exactly when it will begin. Expect the kids to count the last 10 second out loud!

Watch on Youtube HERE



PowerPoint for Public Reading

PowerPoint Presentations for Public Reading. Supplied in both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios.

Note: The text needs to be very slightly updated to match the latest paperback print of the book.


Script for Two Actors

A simple theatrical adaptation of the book.

The opening scene can also be used as an introduction to either a Public Reading or the Animated Video.

Watch professional Director & Stage Manager Meg Deyell read-through the script with Simon: HERE

Download the script: HERE

6 1/2 Minute Animated Video

An animated adaptation of the book.
This can be shown at your church service or carols event, or shared on social media in the lead up to Christmas (or just to stimulate gospel conversation).

Watch it online HERE

Or get the video file: for use at your church:


"Naughty & Nice" Song

This is an original song to use as a musical item. IN FOLDER: Lyrics with chords and recordings included. 

You can also now find the song on major online platforms like iTunes and Google Play. Just search for “Naughty and Nice by Miriam Forte”.


Gospel Talk Reflections & Ideas

An interview with pastor and evangelist, Andy May, as he shares his years of experience giving the gospel talk at a carols event.

Watch the video below or by clicking HERE

Or listen to the audio if you prefer: HERE.

Activities for the kids

A Word Search and Colouring in sheets to gift to kids who attend your event.

The Word Search can also be printed as a large poster and used to decorate your church hall or foyer.


Suggested Carols Run Sheet

This is the run sheet that Simon’s church, Bundoora Presbyetrian will be using this year.

Use it as a guide or just an inspiration for how you can incorporate the Carols Pack resources.


Vox Pop Video

A video of Simon Camilleri asking people on the streets of Melbourne, Australia about what it means to be on the Naughty or Nice lists.

Watch it online HERE.

Or get the video file for use at your church:


Have you ordered your books?

Most churches that are using the Carols Pack resources are also intending to give away copies of “When Santa Learned the Gospel” at the event.

To support this,our UK Publisher 10ofThose is offering “Give Away” packs of 50 books for only £50!

In Australian dollars, that’s only around $1.80 per book! 

Note: This is exclusively an offer for churches or individuals who intend to GIVE AWAY the books for free.

Please order your books as soon as possible, to ensure that all orders can be processed and shipped to you in time.

There is a chance, if you leave it too late in the year, that 10ofThose will have sold out of the books and there won’t be enough time to print and ship more.