The “Carols Pack”

The Carols Pack is a collection of free creative gospel resources created by Simon Camilleri – author of “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.

These resources are primarily designed to be used by churches wanting to incorporate the book and its gospel message into their carols event or Christmas service, where the book will also be given away for free to those that attend.

I would encourage anyone thinking about running a community carols event to incorporate ‘When Santa Learned the Gospel’ into their event.

What a great resource to give away to those who come along, so that when people think of Santa they will actually learn to be critical of his message and listen to a better message – the life-giving hope of Jesus Christ!


Reforming Church Bendigo, Victoria


What you get when you register

You will get free access to the “Christmas Carols Pack”, which includes various downloadable creative resources, such as…
– An animated video of the book “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.
– A theatrical script version of the book (and accompanying video resource).
– A PowerPoint Presentation of the illustrations to use with a public reading.
– An mp3, lyrics & chords for an original song “Naughty and Nice” to use as a musical item.
– A “Naughty and Nice” themed countdown video for use before your event.
– Passage reflections to assist you in your preparation of an evangelistic sermon.
– Promotion material and illustrations to use in your advertising of your event.

Registration will also allow your creative team to join the exclusive “Carols Pack” Community Facebook Group, where you can share ideas, ask questions and meet other Christians from around the world who will be using these same resources at their church this Christmas!

Lastly, we will help those that register to make contact with 10ofThose, who are offering an amazing price for their Give-Away Packs of 50 copies of “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.

Click below to watch the animated video…