over 150 churches from several countries signed up to use these resources,

the animation video was viewed online over 110,000 times

(not to mention thousands of more views at events around the world),

and free copies of “When Santa Learned the Gospel” were given to tens of thousands of children across the globe.

We used ‘When Santa Learned the Gospel’ at one of our Christmas family outreach services.

The video was a fantastic way to share the Gospel and we gave each family a copy of the book home.

I would highly recommend this resource!


Perth Baptist Church - Perth, Scotland

We used the Carols pack resources for our Christmas Eve family service, and it was a wonderful way to share the gospel of grace with those who came along.

We received plenty of comments about how engaging the whole service was – high quality visuals, thought-provoking vox-pop interviews, beautiful reflective song, humourous script, and a very cute animation conveying the truth of the gospel message with joy!

I would highly recommend this resource to anyone looking for a great resource to use in any evangelistic Christmas event!


Newport Anglican - Sydney, NSW, Australia

A wonderful resource and a very engaging video, helping to bring people’s attention to the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you Simon (and team) for your love and dedication to Christ in producing this whole set of resources for us to use in our ministry.

The books were an amazing additional resource to hand out to people after the service to reinforce the message of the video.


St. Oswald's Church - Walkergate, England

We used the Carols Pack for our big community carols (around 700 in attendance). It was a fantastic resource because it gave us the flexibility to use it in creative ways.

We had two local primary school choirs attending, so we taught them the song and had them sing it along with two “traditional carols”. The video got played on a giant screen and the combination of video and quality content meant we really held attention while sharing the gospel.

Access to good graphics, fonts etc. meant that we were able to produce clear, consistent and compelling promotional materials online, in print, and on banners! I really can’t think how I could have been happier!


St. Luke's, Miranda - Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Carols Pack Facebook Group and Simon’s videos were great for sharing and picking up tips and ideas.

The book/story/video gospel content is spot on. The full pack includes everything you need and more and all of high quality.

Simon’s Carols Pack made it easy to put out a quality package for all of December, not just one event.


Three Crosses Church - Perth, WA, Australia

I would encourage anyone thinking about running a community carols event to incorporate ‘When Santa Learned the Gospel’ into their event.

What a great resource to give away to those who come along, so that when people think of Santa they will actually learn to be critical of his message and listen to a better message – the life-giving hope of Jesus Christ!


Reforming Church - Bendigo, VIC, Australia

What is the Carols Pack?

The Carols Pack is an extensive collection of free creative resources created by Simon Camilleri – author of “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.

These resources will give you everything you need to incorporate the book and its gospel message into your carols event or Christmas service.

Although a donation is encouraged, the Carols Pack is offered free of charge so that these resources can be used by anyone who wants to share the gospel in any context across the world.

What do I get in the Carols Pack?

The Carols Pack includes various downloadable creative resources, such as…
– An animated video of the book “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.
– A theatrical script version of the book (and accompanying video resource).
– A PowerPoint Presentation of the illustrations to use with a public reading.
– An mp3, lyrics & chords for an original song “Naughty and Nice” to use as a musical item.
– A “Naughty and Nice” themed countdown video for use before your event.
– Gospel Talk reflections to assist you in your preparation of an evangelistic sermon.
– Promotional material and illustrations to use in your advertising of your event.

You will also be able to join the “Carols Pack” Community Facebook Group, where you can share ideas, ask questions and meet other Christians from around the world who will be using these same resources at their church this Christmas!

Lastly, we will help those that register to make contact with 10ofThose, who are offering an amazing price for their Give-Away Packs of 50 copies of “When Santa Learned the Gospel”.

Watch the videos below…

Listen to the song “Naughty & Nice” below…