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  1. Becky

    Loved this so much I bought 10 copies – thanks for making it available to read online first so I could check it out 😉
    This is actually something I’ve pondered on before – what Santa would think if he heard the gospel!!

  2. Guy Manuell

    I really liked both the book and the way in which you read it. It has the same theme as the brochure that I sent to you. I wanted to meet you as a fellow Christian and because you seem like a good bloke. Guy Manuell
    Can you suggest a time to meet one day? I am retired so any time suits me.

  3. Trev McLean

    This delightfully crafted and heart-warming tale of how Santa learned the truth about Jesus, will surely inspire children the world over.

    Filled with eloquently chosen pros by author Simon Camilleri and magnificent artwork by illustrator Matthew Boutros, “When Santa learned the Gospel” will certainly captivate the imagination, and is destined to become one of only a handful of all-time Christmas Classics.

  4. Bea

    Fabulous for adults and kids alike. The prose is soothing – this is storytelling magic of the best kind. Jesus, please return this Christmas!!!!

  5. Kerri Hopkins

    Kerri on October 14th, 2019.
    I came across this book through an email from the book company “10 of those.” 10 copies for €59.50, bargain I thought! But life has taught me never to give the gift of a Christian book without reading it first. So I ordered 1 copy first for myself. It just arrived and I have just finished reading it! Waw! What an enjoyable read! I couldn’t wait to read on to see what would happen and to view more of the glorious pictures in the book. I was gripped! What a genius way to share the Gospel, centering the story on someone who figures so prominently in our time at Christmas. . Children love rhyming patterns (and so do i!) and the story just had such fluidity because of the rhyming , whilst it also avails those of us who are more of the “theatrical type” (!) to use our acting and aural skills as we read the story out loud to children. I am a very new first time grandmother recently and I’m going to save this book for my baby granddaughter when she is older. Can’t wait to read her the story! But most importantly – use it as a building tool to explain the Gospel and tell her about the Jesus that loved her so much before the creation of the world, who came and died on a cross and died the death we should have died to pay the price of her sins so she could live forever in eternity with Him one day. . I am so excited! What a brilliant investment this book is! Can’t wait to spread the “ good news” about my treasured find! I’m just about to contact our pastor and I feel drawn to purchasing 50 copies maybe for the children at church this Christmas or to be given free at our Carol Service (or both!). Here’s praying!

    Thank you God for giving Simon his wonderful gift to glorify you and as a tool to reach your people. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading him to the illustrator (who’s done the most awesome work to the same standard as the writing) and to the publishing company, Bless it Lord, sustain and grow it Jesus. You give the best gifts Lord. Thank you Simon and Matt for using your gifts to glorify God. May God bless you humoungously, encourage you massively and may God plant many seeds in the hearts of the lost, both old and young as they read this book and please Lord, grant many the gift of salvation. Amen

  6. Ruth

    Hi Simon

    I heard this today on UCB radio for the first time. I think it is great. When I was married, as a Christian I would struggle with the idea of Santa at Christmas, This caused problems with my husband who wasn’t a believer. This was many years ago and if I had been able to read this story to my kids, it would have just been so brilliant. I love the sentiment and the challenge presented so clearly within your book. Thank you for writing it and may God continue to use it and bless you through this ministry



  8. Robin

    Great book! Just wondering what would happen if Mrs. Claus heard the gospel. Or their children!

  9. Samantha

    Loved the book. But it needs to be a series. Like Robin said, Mrs. Claus learns the Gospel. Jack Frost learns the Gospel. Maria learns the Gospel.

  10. Simon Camilleri

    There is a sequel, though it may never be published. Here is my mum reading it…

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